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Our wines have their own personality, they are elegant and rounded with a small touch of acidity, due to the vineyards location in a high altitude area, one of the highest within the Toro Designation of Origin.

This altitude, together with the sandy terrain covered with pebbles, means that the temperatures are fresher than in other areas and that the changes between day and night are greater.

We marry our old-age vineyards with the latest elaboration techniques, the harvested grapes are then boxed with a selection from both the field and cellar, pre-fermentation cold maceration is carried out for 5-7 days, beginning the alcoholic fermentation in a spontaneous way by pumping twice a day. Once this fermentation is finished, we proceed to the post-fermentation maceration for 7 days, we then draw off the wine which is transferred into barrels to carry out the second fermentation, the malolactic phase. After this stage, the wine is put into 225-litre Bordeaux-type barrels of French oak for ageing, for 4 months in the case of Valdefama, 8 months for Juan Rojo and 14 months for Libranza.

The oak we use for ageing is 100% French, but we are continuously research and testing other woods, such as oak form Hungary, America, China… and with different toasting, medium, medium-plus… In order to continuously gain knowledge.