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In the Zamora region of Toro, the climate, the land and the River Duero caress our centenarian vineyards in the lands of Salgadero, Matarredonda and Matalobas, where the Tinta de Toro grape was born, the best raw material to produce a great wine.

In the 19th century, our land faced the dreaded phylloxera. Today, our vines give us a grape with a rounded character and deep magenta in colour, as intense as the sun of this land and with the richness of centenarian the vineyards.

Vineyards: Our own, located in El Pego (Zamora)

Area: 20 hectares.

Average altitude: 700 metres

Average age: 70 years old

Variety grape: Tinta de Toro (100%), pre-phylloxera (ungrafted) and native, with ampelographic characteristics similar to Tempranillo or Tinto Fino, perfectly adapted to the area’s climate and soil.

TYPE OF PRUNING: Short Gobelet pruning. In spring, green pruning and after the flowering period, cluster thinning.

PLANTING PATTERN: Triangular. 2.50 x 2 · 800 grapevines per hectare.

PRODUCTION: 2,500 Kg, per hectare

FERTILISER: Organic matter

GRAPE HARVEST: Exclusively manual, in 20-kg-boxes, with a rigorous selection of grapes from both the field and cellar, by means of a sorting table. Absolute control from the first date of harvest that the fruit is in the perfect health and ripening conditions.